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1.Hot Sells PVC Coating Good Quality Brake Cable
2.Stainless steel or galvanized
3.Coated with PU or PVC
4.Widely used in bicycles, electric cars, motorcycles,etc
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Yamaha history:

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is Japan’s second-largest motorcycle manufacturer. Its official Chinese name should be "山叶" and its English translation should be "YAMAHA". "Yamaha" is the Chinese translation of its English. The name of the company is named after its founder, Tonnan Yamaha. The earliest Yamaha company mainly produced pianos. In 1955, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. was independent from the Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and its capital was only more than 30 million. Yen, which accounts for 40% of total sales.

On May 31, 1954, the original Yamaha company successfully trial-produced a motorcycle named Yamaha "YA1" on the basis of the DKW125 motorcycle. "YA1" motorcycles are called "Red Dragonfly". It was praised by people at the time for its excellent performance and beautiful design. In February 1957, Yamaha produced the "YDS-1" racing motorcycle, and the "YDS-1" superbike produced on this basis caused a great sensation. Since then, Yamaha has been established. The advantages in the production of racing cars are well-known to this day, the most representative of which is the Yamaha RZ250 superbike.

The difference between Yamaha and Honda and Suzuki is that both companies started with the manufacture of simple motorcycles and bicycles and gradually developed from small to large, while Yamaha started to manufacture motorcycles, and The main goal is to develop a racing car. For decades, in all world-class motorcycle competitions, Yamaha Motorsports has often ranked first. For this reason, Yamaha has also cultivated a group of world-class racing drivers and is proud of it. The successful development of the racing car also promoted the smooth development of commercial sales. In short, in people's minds, the quality of Yamaha motorcycles can be trusted.

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