Control Cable for Electric Bicycle

Control Cable for Electric Bicycle

2m Cable housing
Front Brake cable- 1.1m
Rear Brake Cable-1.7m
Cable ferrules
cable ends, and S-bucklesare available
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****Electric bicycles can be divided into friction drive, central axle sprocket drive and wheel hub drive by the power device it selects.

There are two types of motors: brushless motors and brushed motors.

Friction drive type electric bicycle, equipped with a battery box and a controller in the ordinary bicycle, the motor shaft

The upper backing wheels are directly loaded on the tires of the car and are driven by friction. Simple structure, low cost, but tire wear

Especially in the rainy season, it is easy to slip, energy consumption is large, and efficiency is low.

Bottom axle sprocket drive type electric bicycle, specially designed to install the electric motor at the middle axle of the frame, through the reduction mechanism

Drive the bottom axle, and then the bottom axle drives the rear wheels through the chain. The advantage is that the center of gravity of the motor is reasonable and the bicycle can be used

The deceleration system is used to shift gears, but the mechanical loss is large and the efficiency is slightly lower.

For wheel-driven electric bicycles, the motor is installed in the hub of the wheel, and the hub is connected to the rim by spokes.

Directly drive the wheels to rotate. Reasonable design, compact structure, small size, light weight, comparable to other transmission forms

Compared with, low energy consumption and high efficiency. The technical difficulty lies in the difficulty in heat dissipation of the motor and the difficulty in lubricating the transmission gear. wheel

There is a distinction between brushless and brushed hub motors. Brushless motors are mainly low-speed and high-torque motors without brushes.

Transmission gear to avoid mechanical wear problems. But the starting current impact is large, the overload capacity is low, and the control system

The complex structure and high failure rate have affected the wide application of the motor. Brushed motors overcome brushes

The disadvantage of short life, the printed winding motor manufactured by American advanced technology, the brush life is as high as 3000-4000

Hours, and the high-efficiency platform is wider in the curve of efficiency and power, no matter in full speed or variable speed operation,

The efficiency of the motor is always maintained in the high-efficiency area, and the electronic circuit of the control system is simple, stable and reliable. In recent years,

The electric bicycle industry continues to overcome the problem of the life of the electric hub transmission mechanism. Therefore, the electric

Wheel hubs are currently widely used by electric bicycle manufacturers.

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