Electric Bike Brake Cable

1.Material: Stainless Steel/Galvanized+coated PVC/PU or other
2.Diameter: 3mm,4mm ,5mm ,6mm ,etc
3.MOQ: 1000PCS
4.Item: Good Quality Flexible Machinery Electric Bike Brake Cable
5.Press follow: Coiling--twisted-- twine--braiding -tube rolling-rope ringing
6.End parts of fittings: Can be customized
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In the 4th year of the Republic of China (1915), there were nearly 20 bicycle shops in Shanghai. After the end of World War I, the post and telecommunications industry developed and bicycles became a means of transportation for postmen. The demand for bicycles increased sharply. A number of bicycle shops were opened in the urban area, forming a bicycle sales network centered on Laozha District (now Huangpu District). .

Tongchang, Daxing (two companies), Deli, Taichang, and Runda became the six largest auto dealers in Shanghai in 1949. A number of bicycle spare parts manufacturers and commercial workshops founded by the Chinese have gradually established. For example, the Wangfaxing factory produces front forks and fenders; Daxing Motors imported steel pipe joints. Around 1930, Chinese businessmen hired Japanese technicians to produce frames (the main parts of bicycles), and assembled two of the earliest domestic bicycles under the "Red Horse" and "White Horse" brands. Since then we have our own bicycles. Although many parts need to be imported, it has laid the foundation for the development of my country's bicycle industry.

In June of the Republic of China, a car dealer mainly engaged in rubber tires and car materials established the Shanghai Rubber Hardware Car Materials Association.

In the 21st year of the Republic of China, 17 large-scale car dealers (135 employees) including Deli Motors established the Shanghai Bicycle Trade Association. More than 240 households including Wang Xingye, a small and medium-sized car dealer that repairs rental and retail, formed the Shanghai Rental Bicycle Association in April of the following year. They all participated in the city chamber of commerce.

In the 26th year of the Republic of China, the number of bicycle trade associations increased from 17 to more than 30, which are called "big peers"; the rental bicycle industry associations grew from more than 240 households to more than 400 households, called "small peers." The former focuses on sales and the latter focuses on rent repair. The entire bicycle market is controlled by several major car dealers in the "big peers". Tricycles were popular in the city during the Anti-Japanese War. The three-wheel body is similar to the rickshaw, and the accessories are similar to the bicycle. The tires, steel rims, flywheels, chains, chainrings, car bars, handlebars, and pedals can all be used. Some parts factories, workshops and car dealers have invested in the assembly and operation of tricycles. In the early 1940s, there were more than 26,000 tricycles in Shanghai. A number of new car dealers such as Yuanlong, Shunchang, and Shunfeng have emerged.

In December 31 of the Republic of China, the Shanghai Tricycle Rental Commercial Association was established, with 29 group members (car dealers), with more than 9,700 rental tricycles; more than 6,000 individual members, with more than 16,300 commercial tricycles.

In February 2005, the Shanghai Bicycle Trade Association was renamed the Shanghai Bicycle Trade Association, with 110 members. After the Republic of China, China did not have its own bicycle manufacturing industry. Most of the so-called bicycle dealers could only manufacture and sell bicycle parts.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it has its own brands such as "Permanent" and "Flying Pigeon". These brands have a history of sixty-six years, leading the bicycle consumption fashion of generations of Chinese people, creating and interpreting the most brilliant chapter in the history of China's bicycle industry.

Pictures of actual production workshop:

workshop 8

workshop 14

workshop 11

workshop 15


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