Bicycle Brake Control Cable

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4.Bicycle Brake Cable
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Seated chest pusher:

This device can exercise the chest muscles alone. If you cannot master complex movements such as barbell bench presses, you can start with it to find the feeling of chest muscles. Girls can also use it to lay the foundation for push-ups.


1. Adjust the height of the seat so that the height of the grips on both sides is flush with the lower edge of the chest

2. Keep your chest tall, pinch your shoulders back, close to the backrest, keep this position and push out the grip

3. Exhale to push out, inhale to restore

Seated pull-down device:

High-position pull-down equipment is one of the most popular equipment in the gym, and many people are often seen lining up to practice. It can simulate the force of pull-ups and exercise the entire back muscles. If you still can't do pull-ups, you might as well start with it.


1. Adjust the sitting position so that the grip is directly above the head

2. Adjust the height of the front baffle of the seat so that it firmly fixes the legs

3. Grasp the grip, straighten your chest, start with the force of the sinking shoulders, and then pull the grip downwards

4. Pull down on exhalation, restore on inhalation

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