Motorcycles Control Brake Cable

Motorcycles Control Brake Cable

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Motorcycles Control Cable
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The development history of motorcycles:


In 1885, German Gottlieber Daimler installed an engine in a framed machine, and the world's first motorcycle was born. Motorcycle sports related to motorcycles is a kind of military sports. It is a competitive sport with motorcycles as equipment. It is divided into two-wheeled and three-wheeled models. Each model is divided into several levels according to the working volume of the engine cylinder. According to the form of competition, it can be divided into cross-country races, multi-day races, road races, field races and travel races. Rank based on driving speed or driving skills.

development of

1. Originated from Motor (internal combustion engine) and Cycle engine

In 1884, the British Edvard Butler added a power unit to the bicycle to make a tricycle, which was driven by kerosene. In 1885, German "Father of Automobile" Trib Daimler made a three-wheeled motorcycle driven by a single-cylinder wind gasoline engine. He obtained this invention patent on August 29 of the same year. Therefore, Daimler is recognized by the world as the inventor of motorcycles. Daimler's first motorcycle was powered by a four-stroke internal combustion engine, with a cylinder working cell of 264 cubic centimeters. At 700 revolutions per minute, the power can reach 0.5 horsepower and the speed can reach 12 kilometers per hour. The car is a wooden structure, the rear wheel is belt drive, and there are auxiliary support wheels on both sides. In view of this irreplaceable historical position of Daimler, after his death, the Judenburg branch of the German Society of Engineers established his monument in the Huttat square in Canton, because he drove his first car in this square. Of motorcycles.

Scene diagram of actual production workshop:

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