Multi Purpose Brake Cable for Bike

Item Name: Customized Multi Purpose Brake Cable
Outer Casing: Steel+Plastic outer brake cable
Length: Standard Size
Payment Terms: T/T. 50% as deposit, 50% must be paid before delivery
Sample: Yes
Type: Outer brake cable suit for bicycle automobile motorcycle
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Product Details

The history of shared bicycle development:

The development of shared bicycles! The birth of shared bicycles was the establishment of OFO, the first domestic bicycle sharing company, on the Peking University campus by a group of Peking University youths in 2014. It is the first domestic dockless shared bicycle travel mode to solve short-distance travel problems on university campuses. . At the end of 2016, domestic shared bicycles suddenly became popular. It seems that shared bicycles have spread all over the streets of various cities overnight, and the roadsides are also lined with shared bicycles of various colors.

2017 was the craziest year for shared bicycles, which attracted more and more people’s attention. As it conforms to the concept of low-carbon travel, the government is also in a good-faith observation period for this new thing. According to relevant research reports, as of At the end of 2016, the overall number of users in China's shared bicycle market has reached 18.86 million. In 2017, the user scale of the shared bicycle market will continue to maintain substantial growth, reaching 50 million users by the end of the year.

Real workshop production pictures:

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