Motorcycle Cores Control Cable

Motorcycle Cores Control Cable

New PVC material
Cold, heat and oxidation resistance
Suitable for a variety of extreme climatic conditions riding
Provide customized services
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****How to buy an electric bicycle?

At present, there are various styles of electric bicycles on the market, and there are many brands of electric bicycles. How do consumers choose the ideal electric bicycle

And trouble, market experience tells us:

The first thing to know is whether the brand manufacturer has a bicycle production license, and the certified company has passed the inspection by the Light Industry Council.

Accept qualified, its technology development, production process, spare parts supply, product quality and after-sales service are all equipped with modern enterprise production

Production conditions. It also depends on the production history of brand manufacturers, brand awareness, and brand awards in the industry competition. most

Nearly the China Bicycle Association has conducted inspections and selections of electric bicycles of various brands across the country.

"Credit Mark" certificate issued by the Bicycle Association: Shanghai Qianhe Brand, Suzhou Tengling Brand, Nanjing Continental Pigeon Brand, Chengdu

Bete is on the list. Electric bicycles are durable power products, and more importantly, look at the reputation of the brand's after-sales service and the seller

Business reputation. You can also choose the color, style, function, and price according to your favorite.

When purchasing, through the seller’s guidance and the introduction according to the manual, the buyer actually performs the operation again and sees its control handle to adjust the speed

Whether the function, wheel hub sound, and braking performance are good. Wheel rotation should be flexible, without heavy feeling, controller power display

Normal, the shifting speed is excessively smooth, there is no shock at the start, the wheel rotation sound is soft, no impact abnormal noise, the exterior paint and electroplating are bright

, No peeling. Try the charger and keep it normal. After purchase, the accessory, manual (warranty card), and delivery

Collect all tickets and save them. The warranty card should indicate the local warranty address, and the user should send the card to the local authorized maintenance station for record.

Users enjoy good service and maintenance.

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