Multi Core Control Bowden Cable

Multi Core Control Bowden Cable

1.Model Number: OEM
2.Application: Automobiles
3.Conductor Material: Steel
4.Jacket: PVC.PA.PE or as custom
5.Insulation Material: PVC
6.Item name: Motorcycle control brake cable
7.Material: Stainless, galvanized, zinc or other
8.Length: 1.5mm,15mm or as custom
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Product Details

Fire Alarm Cable 2.0/2 Steel Wires Armoured Control Cable FPLR Fire Retardant Fire Cable

Product description

Product Information

PVC Coated Galvanized Inner Brake Cable


Galvanized Inner Brake Cable


1.5mm or 1.0-3.0mm




2M or as required

Head or nipple

alloy,custom size such as 4*4mm for shifting cable; 6*7mm for brake cable

Minimum breaking strength


Cable cover structure

1P,2P, and SP

Cover color options

black, white,single color as red, blue;laser cover

Cable cap


Lead content

less than 40ppm


1)100pc/ppbag, 1000pcs/ctn 2)as customer's request


500 pcs Brake Cable

Sample time

within 3 working days

HS code



(1)Stainless Steel PVC coated bike brake cable, Greater strength, toughness

(2)The outer housing is treated with special technology, to achieve the smallest deformation when at work, to ensure the brakes are sensitive

(3)New PVC material, cold, heat and oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of extreme climatic conditions riding.

(4)2m Cable housing, Front Brake cable- 1.1m, Rear Brake Cable-1.7m; Cable ferrules, cable ends, and S-bucklesare available.

(5)Universal bike brake cable . Suitable for all types of bicycle, mountain bike, road bike, folding bike


Material: PVC Plastic + Stainless Steel bike brake cable

Length of Derailleur Cable: 2m

External Diameter of Derailleur Cable: 4mm

Three common forms of gasoline engine combustion chambers.

1) Hemispherical combustion chamber

The hemispherical combustion chamber has a compact structure, the spark plug is arranged in the center of the combustion chamber, and the flame stroke is short, so the combustion rate is high, the heat dissipation is small, and the thermal efficiency is high. This kind of combustion chamber structure also allows the valve to be arranged in two rows, and the intake port diameter is larger, so the charging efficiency is higher. Although the valve mechanism becomes more complicated, it is conducive to exhaust purification. application.

2) Wedge-shaped combustion chamber

The wedge-shaped combustion chamber has a simple and compact structure, small heat dissipation area, and small heat loss. It can ensure that the mixed gas forms a good vortex motion during the compression stroke, which is beneficial to improve the mixing quality of the mixed gas, and the air intake resistance is small, and the charging efficiency is improved. The valves are arranged in a row to make the valve mechanism simple, but the spark plugs are placed high in the wedge-shaped combustion chamber, and the flame propagation distance is longer. The Cherokee car engine uses this form of combustion chamber.

3) Basin-shaped combustion chamber

Basin-shaped combustion chamber, the cylinder head has good manufacturability and low manufacturing cost, but because the valve diameter is easily restricted, the intake and exhaust effects are worse than the hemispherical combustion chamber. The engine of Jetta and Audi uses a basin-shaped combustion chamber.

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