Throttle Bowden Cables for Motorcycle

Throttle Bowden Cables for Motorcycle

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Application: Automobiles/Motorcycle
Conductor Material: Steel
Jacket: PVC.PA.PE or as custom
Wire Construction: 7*7,7*19,1*19,6*19 etc
Color: Black or other as required
End fitting: Nipples,terminal or other
Head or nipple: Custom size
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Product Details

Fire Alarm Cable 2.0/2 Steel Wires Armoured Control Cable FPLR Fire Retardant Fire Cable

Product description

Product Information

PVC Coated Galvanized Inner Brake Cable


Galvanized Inner Brake Cable


1.5mm or 1.0-3.0mm




2M or as required

Head or nipple

alloy,custom size such as 4*4mm for shifting cable; 6*7mm for brake cable

Minimum breaking strength


Cable cover structure

1P,2P, and SP

Cover color options

black, white,single color as red, blue;laser cover

Cable cap


Lead content

less than 40ppm


1)100pc/ppbag, 1000pcs/ctn 2)as customer's request


1000 pcs Brake Cable

Sample time

within 3 working days

HS code



(1)Stainless Steel PVC coated bike brake cable, Greater strength, toughness

(2)The outer housing is treated with special technology, to achieve the smallest deformation when at work, to ensure the brakes are sensitive

(3)New PVC material, cold, heat and oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of extreme climatic conditions riding.

(4)2m Cable housing, Front Brake cable- 1.1m, Rear Brake Cable-1.7m; Cable ferrules, cable ends, and S-bucklesare available.

(5)Universal bike brake cable . Suitable for all types of bicycle, mountain bike, road bike, folding bike


Material: PVC Plastic + Stainless Steel bike brake cable

Length of Derailleur Cable: 2m

External Diameter of Derailleur Cable: 4mm

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The motorcycle has a history of more than 100 years since its birth.

The history of autos and motorcycles began with the advent of motorcycles. The first motorcycle in the world was in 1885. German Gottlieber Daimler installed an engine into a framed machine. With this birth, the motorcycle has a history of more than 100 years. From scratch, from ugly to beautiful wheels, great changes have also taken place in power and speed. Although the appearance, structure and performance of the motorcycle at the beginning are very different from modern motorcycles, it does not prevent it from being able to easily go on the road, and has since changed the history of human traffic.


The frame of the original motorcycle is made of wood. From the wood grain, it is processed by carpenters. The wheels are also made of wood. The outer layer of the wheel is covered with a layer of iron. When the engine is placed, there is a small supporting wheel on each side of the wooden frame, which is used to prevent tipping when it is stationary. Therefore, this car is actually on the ground with four wheels. The single-cylinder fan-cooled engine drives the rear wheels forward through a two-stage reduction transmission of belt and gear. The saddle is shaped like a saddle with a layer of leather. Its engine cylinder has a working volume of 264mL and a maximum power of 0.37kW (700r/min), which is only 1/5 of a modern simple motorcycle. The speed is 12km per hour, which is not much faster than walking. Since there were no buffer devices such as springs at that time, this car was called a "bone shaking car". It is conceivable that driving on stone streets in the 19th century was harder than execution. Although the original motorcycle is so simple, it has been able to continuously change and improve from now on, and only hundreds of millions of modern motorcycles have been born for more

than 100 years.image

2020 Motorcycle Industry Development Status and Prospect Analysis

Motorcycles are two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicles driven by gasoline engines and steered by the front wheels by the handlebars. They are light, flexible and fast. They are widely used in patrols, passenger and cargo transportation, and are also used as sports equipment. From a general perspective, motorcycles are divided into street cars, road racing motorcycles, cross-country motorcycles, cruisers, station wagons, etc. According to statistics from the China Automobile Manufacturers Association, in 2018, the industry's motorcycle production and sales were 15.577,500 and 15.570,500, a decrease of 9.15% and 9.13% over the previous year. The main reasons for the decline in industry production and sales are as follows: First, the country has increased its environmental protection efforts and implemented the National IV emission standards for motorcycles, which has led to an increase in the cost of motorcycles, which has a greater impact on low-end motorcycles. According to regulations, from July 1, 2018, all motorcycles and mopeds undergoing type inspection shall meet the standard requirements; from July 1, 2019, all national three products will be upgraded and switched, and all national three products will be cancelled It was announced that all products sold and registered should meet the National IV emission standards. Currently, companies are actively responding to the switch from National III products to National IV products, and do a good job in the sales of National III stock vehicles. National IV product sales have not yet been fully launched. Second, due to the increasing uncertainty of the international economic situation, my country's motorcycle exports have slowed down, which has weakened its supporting role in industry production and sales. Third, with the increase of residents’ income level, the large-scale entry of automobiles into households, and the increasing proportion of automobiles in rural areas; in addition, low-end and cheap electric bicycles still occupy a huge market in rural areas, causing a double squeeze on the motorcycle market. The market space continues to shrink. Fourth, the transformation and upgrading of three-wheeled motorcycles encountered difficulties and the production and sales of motorcycles fell sharply. Affected by the above factors, the production and sales of the whole industry in 2018 decreased significantly compared with the previous year, and the overall performance was relatively sluggish.

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