Control Cables For Sanitary Equipment

Control Cables For Sanitary Equipment

New PVC material
Cold, heat and oxidation resistance
Suitable for a variety of extreme climatic conditions riding
Can provide customized services
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***How to use an electric bike?

A good electric bicycle, in addition to its good internal quality, is also related to normal maintenance and correct operation.

Use is closely related. Develop good usage habits and reasonable usage methods, which are crucial to the service life of batteries and motors

Important role. Do good maintenance, more assistance, and frequent charging.

Good maintenance: keep the car body tidy and prevent the car body or rotating parts from rusting due to sun and rain. Used or passed during the rainy season

The water pool must not be higher than the center line of the hub axle to prevent damage to the motor due to water ingress. The tire needs to be fully inflated

Low frictional resistance between tires and roads, often concerned about braking performance, to ensure driving safety.

Multi-assisted: Taking advantage of the multi-function advantages of electric bicycles, the most ideal method of use is to assist the vehicle by people, electricity to assist people, and human

Electricity linkage saves effort and electricity. At the start, use the pedals to ride to a certain speed and then accelerate with electricity. Uphill, load-bearing, or headwind

When driving, human riding can help, which can avoid super-high current discharge of the battery and increase the mileage on one charge, which is beneficial to

Extend battery life and protect the motor.

Frequent charging: develop a good charging habit, charge after use, so that the battery is always in a state of full charge, due to lead-acid batteries

Due to the characteristics of the battery, it cannot be discharged frequently, especially if the battery is stored for a long time after power loss, it will cause the internal chemistry of the lead-acid battery

The material crystallizes, vulcanizing the battery plate and shortening the battery life. Therefore, it can be used and charged and stored in high electricity is a magic weapon to improve the life of lead-acid batteries.

A fully charged battery must be recharged once a month. When charging, use the matching charger to place it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid high temperatures

Do not let water enter the charger to prevent electric shock accidents.

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