Latch Systems Controls Cable For Medical Beds

Latch Systems Controls Cable For Medical Beds

Cable Latch Systems Controls cable For Medical Beds
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Second, the size of the bike handle:

In addition to choosing a bicycle, you should pay attention to whether the frame size is suitable for your body. The other two things you must pay attention to are the size of the faucet and the handle. The length of the faucet is generally measured with the arm at 90 degrees to the lower arm, and the elbow against the front edge of the cushion (the cushion rod should be adjusted to the center of the cushion). At this time, the distance between the middle fingertip and the rear edge of the handle should be three to three fingers If the size of the frame is suitable for your figure, the length of the faucet used for the overall length can be selected between 11 to 13 cm.

For road bikes, the choice of handle width is to put the handle against the shoulder, and the two ends of the handle should be located in the middle of the arm where the upper arm and the shoulder connect. The size of the handle is generally 42 to 45 cm (one size per cm) on the outer edge of the handle.

If the measured proper size is 42 cm, it is recommended to use a 43 cm larger handle, which can increase the acceleration force of the standing swing when sprinting or uphill, while taking into account the low wind resistance of the posture.

In order to increase the handling performance of the mountain bike, the width of the handle is much wider than that of the road bike. The width is mostly 56 cm and 58 cm. The width of the handle used in downhill races is more than 63 cm.

Workshop for producing bicycle control lines:

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