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There are two types of brake cables and transmission cables for bicycles: inner and outer cables. It's not just external wiring.

External routing:

1. The overall appearance of the bicycle is not strong

2. Trouble cleaning the car

3. After the external line is easily contaminated, it will cause the shift or braking performance to decrease

4. It is easier to maintain and change lines

Internal wiring:

1. The overall bike is more beautiful

2. It is easier to wipe the vehicle

3. The wiring is not exposed to the outside, reducing the degree of aging

4. Maintenance and line replacement are slightly more troublesome than external wiring, but the difference is not big.

As for some people who say that the inner wiring feels inferior to the outer wiring, this is purely a personal feeling and cannot be counted.

In general, how the cables are routed directly determines the design of the bicycle frame and also increases or reduces the cost of the frame. The cost and selling price of bicycles with inner cables are higher than those of bicycles with outer cables of the same grade. If the design is unreasonable and unscientific, the inner wiring needs to make holes in the frame, which will reduce the overall strength of the frame. Internal wiring has higher requirements for design.

However, modern people have very high requirements for appearance, and the aesthetic requirements of appearance directly lead to the trend of internal wiring.


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