Auto Accessory Brake Cable Parts

Auto Accessory Brake Cable Parts

1.Diameter 0.3-11mm Custom-made available
2.Construction 1*7,7*7,7*19,etc
3.Material: Stainless or galvanized steel
4.MOQ: 1000pcs
6.Coating: PVC or other
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In November of the 7th year of Tongzhi (1868), Shanghai shipped a few bicycles from Europe for the first time. They were used as recreational means of transportation for the amateurs to walk on tiptoe.

In the thirteenth year of Tongzhi, the Frenchman Mira brought a rickshaw from Japan to Shanghai. This kind of car was called "Oriental Car", and because of its yellow color, it was also called "Rickshaw" and became a means of transportation. Subsequently, rickshaw repairing, renting, and selling industries emerged in Shanghai. The rickshaw driver can be seen in many film and television works, especially Mr. Lao She's "Camel Xiangzi", which brings the rickshaw driver to life.

After the eleventh year of Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1885), British merchants Jardine, German merchants Zenchen, French merchants Likang and other foreign companies listed bicycles and parts as "hardware groceries" and imported them into Shanghai. By the end of the 19th century, there was a wide market in Shanghai. . In the 23rd year of Guangxu, the people who used to set up stalls to repair horse-drawn carriages and rickshaws chose the site at No. 604, Nanjing Road (now Nanjing East Road), and opened the Tongchang Bicycle Shop to sell bicycles and spare parts.

In the twenty-sixth year of Guangxu, there were six or seven car dealers in Shanghai, including Huimin and Cao Shuntai, which sold rickshaws, horse-drawn carriages and bicycle parts for repairs.

By the time Guangxu bicycles had gradually entered the Chinese market, China did not yet have its own bicycle production plant.

Pictures of actual production workshop:

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